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Sharpen Your Story

Identifying your audience is the first step in creating an effective marketing communications program. Once you find the right audience, the second step in the process is to clearly articulate your story. Let FIR assist in sharpening your:

Corporate Identity:

Who are you? What do you do? What specific market category do you compete in? Does your logo visually convey the right identity, and does your tagline work?

FIR has a proven methodology for conducting a perception analysis (with your employees, the media that cover your company, and your customers) to access the impact and the consistency of your current messaging.  Through this process, we collaborate with your executives to shape and refine your corporate messaging.

Product Positioning:

What do your products/services do? What products do they compete with? What is your market position, and how can you best exploit that? Why is your technology different, and/or better than your competitor’s?

Partner/Alliance Messaging:

Who do you partner with? Who provides complementary technology to enhance your offerings? Whose offerings do you enhance/extend? How can companies partner with your firm, and how would they benefit from doing so?

FIR can help you launch a new partner program, or provide a facelift to your existing program-to create ongoing marketing and PR opportunities with your partners.

Customer Success Campaigns:

Who uses your technology, and how does it help them?

Let FIR create a complete customer-marketing program that includes:

  • Customer qualification, and the management of references for media requests
  • Case study program: including interviews, content creation, customer approval, and visual presentation of case studies to create effective sales tools for your field organization
  • Press releases that turn customer success into relevant news

Let FIR create a “Strategic Messaging Platform” that provides everything the media, (and prospects) need to know about your company, in a brief and easy format to digest.

Once you’ve identified your audience, and sharpened your story, the final step is to ensure that the audience receives, and understands your messages. FIR specializes in a variety of Public Relations, creative design, and direct marketing programs that can help you get the word out:

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