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Define Your Audience

FIR can help you reach a variety of audiences – in numerous ways – to tell your company's story. The media provides an independent, credible forum for delivering messages. But that's not the only way to reach various audiences. More than just a PR firm, FIR combines public relations with lead generation and direct marketing services to help companies identify and define audiences in various segments:

Finding Media Contacts Interested in Your Company:

FIR can help you identify a variety of media contacts in various market segments:

  • Technology Press
  • Industry Analysts
  • Vertical Press
  • Business Press - Major Media

Once identified, FIR can help establish relationships with appropriate media contacts to ensure that they know who you are, what you do, and why you’re different than your competition.

Finding Prospects and New Customers:

By analyzing your current customer base, FIR can help you find new prospects that share the same characteristics as your best customers. FIR’s lead generation and prospect identification services include:

  • Market & Prospect Universe Definition
  • Client List Analysis & “Best Prospect” Modeling
  • Prospect lists from numerous industry sources
  • Sales Process Advisory
  • Conversion Rate and ROI Analysis

Identifying your audience is the first step in creating an effective marketing communications program. Once you find the right audience, the next steps are to:

Sharpen your messages, to tell a clear, concise story ›
Get the word out through a variety of marketing and public relations channels ›

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